What we do

What we do

Clay Play offers learners an opportunity to create projects relevant to their age and interest. It is a unique and personal experience for each individual.

Basic hand skills are taught. Original Clay Play songs and stories support the creative experience. Our clay classes consolidate learning whilst stimulating development, in a fun interactive way. Clay is a wonderful 3-D medium that guarantees success. We aim to create an environment which nurtures creative, cognitive, emotional, and physical development. Through our unique methods of teaching pottery processes, we enable our learners in creative-thought and problem-solving. Each lesson is used to create something special which is fired, glazed and returned.


One doesn’t have to be artistic to be creative, creativity is an internal resource which can be discovered and developed. It is a way of experiencing everything around you and realizing the endless possibilities and ways in which problems can be solved. At Clay Play we believe in balance and stimulating the right brain activity to unlock the creative thinker in each of us. As children experiment with the wet clay, they learn to give expression to their imagination. Experimentation is encouraged.

Cognitive development

Children’s brains snooze when they can’t make meaningful connections to their world. New neural pathways are being generated and strengthened in the brain as pottery processes are learnt and implemented.

Our learners use their hands to create 3D physical models to give expression to their imagination.

Clay Play gives opportunity to observe processes and models, to measure the amount of clay to use, to build and predict and finally to evaluate the outcome.

“Imagination is making a challenge for yourself”Sean (Age 8), St Joseph’s Marist

Emotional Development

Clay squishes and squelches and feels so good!
Stories are enjoyed, life lessons are learnt and creating with friends is fun!
When children are happy with their creation, it finds a welcome place in the “I-did-it cabinet” of their hearts.

The attitude of “I can” instead of “I can’t” is nurtured and children experience good feelings about themselves as they proudly create.

“Beste Daryl Baie dankie vir die wonderlike pottebakkery klasse wat jy aanbied. Rohan geniet dit terdee en dit is vir hom ‘n hoogtepunt van die week. Hy is altyd baie trots om sy artikels vir ons te wys! Ons eet saans by kersies wat in sy skeppings lig gee.”
- Ronelle, parent of Rohan (Grade 2), Durbanville Preparatory

Hi Daryl, I have been meaning to write to you to thank you for the wonderful class that you are providing to our children! As a working mother I do not get the opportunity as often as I would like to really spend time with my two daughters to develop their creativity and skills. My daughter, Mieke absolutely loves the Clay Play classes. She approaches her other activities before school (which we know she enjoys – although not as much as Clay Play) with much less enthusiasm. It is always easy to get her out of bed and ready for school if you just mention that she has Clay Play today! Our whole house is adorned with all the wonderful creations she has made. Mieke often spoils either my husband or me by putting her favourite one on our bedside table for us to enjoy! So from me and Philip, a heartfelt thank you!
- Leanne, parent of Mieke (Age 6), Eversdal Pre-primary

Physical Development

Fine motor skills: smaller muscles are developed and strengthened as their fingers pinch, roll and coil the clay.
Gross motor skills:
larger muscles are strengthened as they slab the clay.

“Working with clay makes your fingers stronger and this helps you to fish better”
- Benjamin (age 8, Bridge House)

“Dear Janet, I so appreciated what Clay Play has given Bjorn. He has fine motor skill difficulties, as I am sure you have noticed, and I feel it is really good for developing his figure movements. If at all possible he avoids drawing and writing (most likely because it is difficult and doesn’t look great). So I am so pleased he has never felt like this about Clay Play. He is also attending OT. I so appreciate that you take such time and care with Bjorn. He always only shows absolute love and pride for what he produces in the classes.”
- Tania, parent of Bjorn (age 7), The Grove Primary