Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for pottery to be returned?
Pottery takes two weeks to dry before it can be fired. Bisque firing to 900 degrees Celsius takes 12 hours to reach temperature and 18 hours to cool down. Glaze firing to 1120 degrees Celsius takes 12 hours to reach temperature and 20 hours to cool down. So allow 3 weeks turn-around time.

What do pottery students need for classes? We supply all the tools and materials. Students should wear something to cover their clothes i.e. T-shirt or apron. We do have T-shirts with the Clay Play logo for sale. To order a T-shirt, please contact us.

What is the teacher to learner ratio?
In the Grade R group, we operate on nine learners to one assistant. In the senior group the ratio moves to ten learners to one assistant. In both groups, the teacher gives instruction to the whole group. We then move to tables where assistance is available, should a learner need it.

How to get Clay Play at my child’s school?
Speak to your principal about the possibility of Clay Play as an extra mural at the school. Refer them to our website and let us have their contact details so that we can make an appointment to visit the school.

Is Clay Play hiring staff?
Yes – we are always interested in growing our Clay Play team. We are looking for an energetic woman who has teaching experience, a heart for and insight into relating to children. She needs to have a sense of fun, and the ability to organize and manage groups of children in a positive way. Being a strong team player is a must, and having a driver’s licence is preferable. Most importantly she needs to be inspired to empower creative minds’. If you believe you fit this profile please contact us.