Parent Testimonials

Hi Daryl, I have been meaning to write to you to thank you for the wonderful class that you are providing to our children! As a working mother I do not get the opportunity as often as I would like to really spend time with my two daughters to develop their creativity and skills. My daughter, Mieke (from Eversdal Pre-primary), absolutely loves your Clay Play classes. She approaches her other activities before school (which we know she enjoys – although not as much as Clay Play) with much less enthusiasm. It is always easy to get her out of bed and ready for school if you just mention that she has Clay Play today! Our whole house is adorned with all the wonderful creations she has made. Mieke often spoils either my husband or I by putting her favourite one on our bedside table for us to enjoy! So from me and Philip (Mieke’s father), a heartfelt thank-you!

- Leanne, parent of Mieke (Age 6), Eversdal Pre-Primary

Dear Janet

I so appreciate what Clay Play has given Bjorn. He has fine motor skill difficulties, as I am sure you have noticed, and I feel it is really good for developing his finger movements. If at all possible he avoids drawing and writing (most likely because it is difficult and doesn’t look great). So I am so pleased he has never felt like this about Clay Play. He is also attending OT.

I so appreciate that you take such time and care with Bjorn. He always only shows absolute love and pride for what he produces in the classes.

- Tania, parent of Bjorn (age 7), The Grove Primary

The 3 most important aspects of Clay Play for my kids have been: [1] the pleasure of participating in an amplified fun and sensory activity, [2] Acquiring confidence to create within a structure but without stifling their individuality and [3] a thrilling sense of accomplishment once they finish their weekly project.

Through Janet’s encouragement, they have learnt to further develop their creativity and use their imagination in all the colours [my daughter's words]. Each child is made to feel very special and the experience is maximised in that the kids are learning proper moulding techniques as well as the added bonus of developing fine-motor skills. The enthusiasm with which Janet and her team tasks every week’s lesson definitely rubs off on the children and this is evident as they usually cannot wait for the next lesson. They are taught songs and told stories which add to the theme of each week and it is just so exciting for them to have this positive artistic outlet.

Janet has had a significant impact on the lives of both my children through Clay Play and I know she has made the same impression on the lives of innumerable children.

I would recommend Clay Play to any parent or care-giver who wishes for their child to have the ultimate creative experience!

- Norah, parent of Gabriella (age 6) at Sweet Valley Primary School

Thank you for teaching him with kindness.

- Caleb, guardian of SeungJae, THE GROVE PRIMARY

Beste Daryl

Baie dankie vir die wonderlike pottebakkery klasse wat jy aanbied.Rohan geniet dit terdee en dit is vir hom ‘n hoogtepunt van die week. Hy is altyd baie trots om sy artikels vir ons te wys! Ons eet saans by kersies wat in sy skeppings lig gee.

- Ronelle, ouer van Rohan (Graad 3) Voorbereiding Skool, Durbanville

Thanks Daryl and team for yet another wonderful term – Alec absolutely loves pottery every week and has already told me that he is doing his pottery “clay pack” on Monday. Even though it is holidays, it’s still pottery day!

- Tracy, parent of Alec (age 6), Kenridge Pre-Primary

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your friendly staff for working with Pavan during the year. He has thoroughly enjoyed the pottery classes and has developed good skill and concentration from your classes.

- Reena, parent of Pavan (age 5), St Joseph’s Marist

Thanks for everything you do for the girls! BEA ABSOLUTELY LOVES IT! And we love the beautiful things that come home. Jy moet my huis sien. Oral is Bea se goedjies!

- Thea-Rita, parent of Bea (Grade 4), Kenridge Primary School

Thanks you so much for teaching Danica. She loves pottery and it shows in the pieces she brought home so far. I am truly amazed at her quick progress considering she has only been there for one term.

- Llewellyn, parent of Danica (Grade 3), Durbanville Preparatory

“Trey really enjoys Clay Play and you can see that it shows in his work. You have taught him a lot and he is very proud of his little clay products.”

- Tammy, parent of Trey (Grade 3), Durbanville Preparatory

Thanks for all the fantastic work that you and your team are doing! Emma absolutely loves doing pottery and we love all the items that she’s made thus far.

- Lana, parent of Emma (Pre-Primary), Rosen Castle

Children Testimonials

Imagination is making a challenge for yourself!

- Sean (age 8) St Joseph’s Marist

I love Clay Play because of the awesome teachers and we make stuff and have fun.” - Erin (age 10) Sweet Valley Primary

“You get to express your feelings in the clay.”

- Erin (age 12) Sweet Valley Primary

“I’m going to do Clay Play till I’m old.”

- Lorcan, (age 9) Sweet Valley Primary School

“Clay Play is not like Maths. 5 x 5 will always be 25 but with clay it turns out differently every time cause we use our imagination.”

- Semane (age 10) Sweet Valley Primary

“Clay Play is altyd my beste dag” – Mieke (Age 6), Eversdal Pre-Primary

“I Love Pottery!” - Jordan (Age 6), Holy Cross Pre-Primary

“Ek hou van klei want dis lekker om meer te speel en goed to maak”

- Jayden (Age 6), Kenridge Primary school

“It’s very joyful and you make lots of toys. There are stories you can listen to and you make what’s in the story. The teachers are very kind and they help you if you need it.”

- Hero (age 6) Grove Pre-Primary

“It’s a good skill to have as a South African”

- Julia (age 7) Grove Primary

In Clay Play we use a whole lot of different techniques, which work together. I enjoy it.

- Thisbe (age 10) The Grove Primary

Lots of thrilling adventures in the stories and the clay

- Robert (age 12) The Grove Primary

We make nice things to surprise mom and dad with

- Keneiloe (age 6) Wynberg Girls’ Junior School

It’s fun and you get to use the stuff you make

- Alexa (age 6) Wynberg Girls’ Junior School

Nice teachers to help us with what to do, cause sometimes I don’t know what to do.

- Caitlin (age 6), Wynberg Girls’ Junior School

Teacher Testimonials

Daryl’s Clay Play has been a vital component of our curriculum for the last 12 years! The Clay Play projects are creative and very developmentally appropriate. We have been delighted to be able to have this activity as an extra mural at our school, which many children have enjoyed.

- Sandra Boyes, Head Of Department Pre-Primary. Bridge House School

The extra mural afternoon activity of Clay Play has been popular at our school since 2001.

Both boys and girls of different ages really enjoy the stimulating lessons.

Skills and techniques of handling clay are taught and it is wonderful to see the abilities of some of the children. They always feel very proud of their creations.

Children both with or without creative abilities gain many skills through this non-competitive hobby. They learn to listen, focus and concentrate and the relaxing atmosphere lends itself to calming the restless child.

We value Clay Play which is efficiently run by well organized, enthusiastic and dedicated staff.

- Viv Gardener, (Grade R teacher) Constantiaberg Pre-Primary

Clay Play is offered at Monterey Pre-Primary as an extra mural. This provides the children with an opportunity to explore their creativity. The children always look forward to Janet’s classes where they listen attentively to her unique stories before being taught specific pottery techniques. Clay Play develops their fine motor skills, concentration and builds a positive self image. The children are delighted when they receive their pottery projects, all carefully packaged as special gifts to take home.

Thank you Janet and your team for the professional and fun service you provide.

- Lorelle Meyer, Principal Monterey Pre-Primary School

Occupational Therapist Testimonials

The benefits of clay therapy for young children are numerous. It helps to improve the following skills:

- Hand-eye co-ordination

- Bilateral motor co-ordination (using two hands together in a co-ordinated way, such as gripping and forming a pinch-pot)

- Motor planning, a skill which is a pre-requisite for handwriting

- Tactile defensiveness (helps children who have sensory issues)

- Focus and concentration

- Social skills (working in groups)

- Occupational Therapist, Ann Olwage