Grade 1 to 7 classes

Grade 1 to 7 classes

Our older learners are presented with more challenging projects.

Skills are still taught and reinforced through demonstration. Learners are encouraged to add their own interpretation to the project. Specific instructions are given to ensure the processes are followed but children can add their own creative flair. We follow a theme for the term, bringing inspiration for a variety of projects.

Learners are exposed to different clays, e.g. white, terra-cotta and black clay, as well as more intricate decorating techniques. Before the class starts, all clay and decorating materials are carefully prepared at each childs workspace. Throughout the pottery process, learners are encouraged to practice their skills and individual creativity is affirmed.

For more information on the pottery process and what you will need for a class please visit our FAQ section.


“Clay Play is not like maths – 5 x 5 will always be 25 but with clay it turns out differently every time cause we use our imagination” – Semane (age 10) Sweet Valley Primary